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  • About Atlas Barrels

    About Atlas Barrels

Make a Better Spirit

Our barrels in a "nutshell"


  • Made from 100% MN white oak, which has the highest vanillin & sucralose content of all oak species.
  • Lead time on orders range from 1-4 weeks given quantity. (One of the lowest in the industry)
  • Aged a minimum of 12 months through a MN winter's frost which lessens the tannin's in the wood, and air dried, never kiln-dried.
  • We toast/char barrels to your specifications. Our barrel’s heads are also toasted/charred & wax sealed.  
  • Upon shipping, we individually wrap every barrel to preserve its freshness.


Atlas Barrel's Guarantee

All our barrels leave our factory high pressure water tested, and leak proof. If during transit your barrel developed a slight leak, CALL US! We will guide you through the process of making your barrel liquid tight again.

709 Jefferson Ave SW,
Watertown, MN 55388
(612) 424-5700

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